Composing Your Life Song


My car radio preferences go through seasons. They fluctuate from news and sports talk radio, to sermons, to a variety of musical genres. I stumbled across AM940, “All traditional Hawaiian, all the time.” I’ve been listening to that regularly on my recent drives. It’s the same station my dad listened to often when I was a kid.

I think that is why I am drawn to it. There is something about that hollow, monophonic Hawaiian falsetto and slack key guitar that takes me back. It may be archaic in technology, but powerful in its ability to teleport me to a different time. Vivid memories of our house in Kuliouou and that music coming out of the garage throughout the day come to my mind. Suddenly I am hunting mongoose with my BB gun on the hillside next to our house, or riding my bicycle around the driveway. A lady comes on with a Hawaiian greeting and announces the time. Static breaks in an out as my dad moves around in the garage.

Amazing how things are so attached to memories. Things we wouldn’t imagine. Recently Emily and I had a discussion about our kids. What do you want them to remember? We have been happy that they are playing outside more. They dig in the dirt, climb the avocado trees and explore the hill behind our house. Sometimes they can stay out there the whole day. It’s great. When they think back to their childhood, I hope those memories are tied to those things over television, or iPads. When they are older and they hear a particular song, or eat a certain food, or catch the scent of certain smells, they think fondly of their childhood and the times that we have had together as a family.

In some ways we are all writing our own song. The things that pique nostalgia are the verses and choruses of our lives. The people around us hear our song, hear the tunes we play and sing and they love it or hate it. When they catch the familiar rhythms and beats that we have composed, it’ll either be happy memories, or unhappy ones.

What do people feel when they listen to your song? Some may like it, some may hate it, and some may not notice it at all. Everything you do and say gets written into your song. These things not only impact your memory, but the people around you.

May your lives be music to the hearts of the people around you. -jason


Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth!” Psalm 100:1