It’s Tough to Be Me

At 6 feet tall, 230 lbs, and a shaved head, I have come to realize, I’m just not that tough. Most of my life I tried to be. It was a trait that seemed desirable for men. When we look at movies and television, the leading man is tough. In magazines and advertisement, the model is portrayed as tough. Sports stars are all really tough guys. So, I wanted to be tough also.

In college I was at the mall with my friend’s girlfriend and she saw a guy who owed her money. I offered to approach him about it. Trying to be as tough as I could the guy asked my friend, “Am I supposed to be afraid of this guy?” Ha! I’m no tough guy, not even close.

When I try to be someone I am not, there are problems that arise. First off, I can’t be comfortable being me and being the person that God created me to be.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10.

Once you really get to know me, you know I am a pretty goofy guy. I also have a lot of quirks, I’m pretty uncoordinated, and I my humor is pretty lame. With all of those “deficits” I am happy being me. I’ve also come to know that the people that love me, love me best when I am just myself.

The other problem is that you cannot enjoy certain things to it’s fullest. I love football and I wish I played. I was afraid I wasn’t tough enough, so I never played. I have tattoos, but it took me a while because I thought only tough guys could get tattoos. The military always intrigued me, but I got in way too late in life.

We can get so easily persuaded to be someone we are not. We might be tempted to pretend to be tougher than we are, or smarter than we are, or more wealthy than we are, but if it is someone we are not, we will not be happy. We cannot be happy if we are trying to be someone we are not.

In a world where perception drives our actions, it can be tough to be you…or maybe to be you is not to be tough. I’m not a tough guy, I’m okay with that. I know that when I am the person that the Lord made me to be, that is all I need to be. Be the person God has created you to be. You were created for GOOD works in Christ Jesus. -jason


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