Move or Adapt


It’s cold! I know, I know, I live in Hawaii, that statement is absolutely absurd. Well, for me it’s cold. I have worn a hoodie every morning the last couple of weeks to take our dog out to walk. I wake up in the middle of the night to readjust my blanket because it’s cold. The funny thing is, when we lived in the Bay Area, I LOVED the weather. I would wear shorts and slippers and people would look at me like I was crazy. We would surf in the frigid waters at dawn and in the summer I would unzip my wet suit to let in the cool water. It was great! It is now 69 degrees in Hawaii and I am COLD. Maybe I’m just old. Some of you are nodding your heads. I tend to believe its all related to adaptability. We adjust to our environment, get acclimated to our surroundings and conform to that which becomes our norm.

Adaptability happens in all kinds of circumstances and sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not so good. Marriage is one area that we all must adapt. Sometimes this is true more often than others. Emily and I were talking with another interracial couple the other night and laughing about the differences we journey through and learn from. Thankfully we can laugh about it as we learn to adapt. Think about your marriage. Have you laughed differently since being with them? Do you say certain things differently? Maybe you have adopted their facial expressions or mannerisms. Adaptability in marriage is a good thing.

Sometimes we adapt in less than positive ways. When Emily was pregnant I adapted to her diet and cravings. After she gave birth, I still looked pregnant. Not so good. Sometimes the people you hang around speak negatively and with a poor spirit. When these people are the ones we are around regularly, we can tend to adapt to that negative spirit too. In work, school, friendships and even family, we are influenced by our surroundings. We can also be the influencers, and that’s a good thing. If you can help a cold environment turn warm, that’s wonderful.

You may be in a situation that you can’t change. Just like I can’t make the weather warmer, I just have to adapt. Some people move residence to escape a certain climate. Maybe it’s time for you to make that move too. When you cannot be the influencer, and the environment around you is something you do not want to adapt to, you may need a new environment. -jason


A Literate Heart

I have the opportunity to volunteer in Kamryn’s class for an hour on Mondays. I have been asked to sit with the kids and walk them through their reading program. There is a broad spectrum of literacy in the Kindergarten class. Some kids are still challenged by sounding out most words, while other kids can read with efficiency and proper emphasis on punctuation. This morning I asked a couple of the kids to tell me what the story was about. Some could read the words fairly well, but at the end of the story they couldn’t tell me what it was about. Reading comprehension is still developing in a few of them.
Literacy is more than just reading the words and we all walk through stages of literacy in many areas of life. Some people have given their lives to a profession to become highly literate in their field. I dabble with small auto repairs, but for larger jobs I would have to lean on the literacy of a trained mechanic. When I consider many things in the world, I can see how illiterate I am. Unfortunately, many illiterate people take to social media and give their opinion in harmful ways. Sometimes it even comes from someone that is completely literate in one field of study, and interject careless opinion into an area they know little about.
We can know basic facts, we can absorb the abundance of information that flows through our electronic devices, but without a deeper understanding of these facts, we are illiterate. We know the words, but we don’t know the story.
We are reading through the Bible in two years at our church. It has been a great experience for many so far. As a staff we are looking at ways to get our church to go deeper into the understanding of the Bible. We can read through the whole Bible, we can memorize verses, we can recite Bible stories, but without understanding we remain Biblically illiterate. Without study and understanding you will not get past the words, to discover THE Word. Teachers and preachers are trained and taught to develop literacy of the Bible, but ultimately the Holy Spirit guides all into the literacy of God’s Word.
Let’s be a literate people, especially with our world of social media and “instaopinion” applications on our phones. Seek understanding. Don’t just read words, know the story, this is the literacy of the heart. -jason
“A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.” Proverbs 18:2