Different Perspectives

ImageThis is the view from my office window.  Not a spectacular view, no golf courses, no bodies of water or lush green meadows, but it is a very special view to me. 

The four-story building in the center of that picture is Alan Wong’s Restaurant and over a decade ago I would stand at those windows while preparing for service and look over at Olivet Baptist Church.  Today I sit in my office at Olivet Baptist Church (preparing for service) and look over at Alan Wong’s Restaurant.

A lot has changed over the years and in many ways I see things through a different “window”.  When I was working at the restaurant I was young, single and foolish.  Now I am old, married and foolish.  Being married has shaped my life and having children even more.  The time I had in seminary was a place of molding and breaking and rebuilding toward God’s call on my life.  I had many ideals that I have redefined with reality and life lessons along the way that help me to grow as a person.  So much has changed since I worked at that restaurant and while some things remain the same, I am not the same person. 

May I never forget that time in my life for it has been integral in making me who I am today.  Working with Chef Wong has given me an understanding of striving for excellence.  Working in a fast paced and high stress work environment has given me some insight in working with different personalities and coping with stress.  The fine dining atmosphere helped me to work with a variety of customers and develop relational skills.  I can see now the journey that God had put me on to prepare me for His ministry work, without my time at Alan Wong’s I may not be the person I am today.

As I look over at Alan Wong’s I wonder what young man or woman is standing at the window looking out into their future?  It helps me to remember that different people see the world at different perspectives and that is important as we relate to others.  If there were something I would say to that young person should the chance arise, “Trust the Lord with your life and enjoy the ride.”  While my experiences shape me, it is the Lord that has ushered me into His will, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Remember all the “windows” you looked out of in your life as they made you who you are, remember that there are other people staring out those same “windows” and never judge, instead point them to the horizon where the hope of the Lord awaits with the dawning of each new day. -jason